Residential, office buildings, schools, production workshops, transportation, urban and road lighting projects, water supply and power supply, landscaping, environmental protection projects and other construction.
Design and construction of building curtain wall engineering, curtain wall engineering inspection and safety assessment, architectural decoration engineering design and construction, and assembly and modular construction engineering design and construction.
Electrical engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, fire engineering, ventilation and air conditioning engineering, intelligent system engineering, elevator engineering installation.
Tourism industry developed by humanistic tourism resources.
All kinds of technical work, such as survey, planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance, and the completed engineering entities for building, reconstructing or expanding buildings, structures, and structures.
Committed to creating a professional digital service platform from manufacturer to consumer, integrating orders, procurement, logistics and data marketing.
Municipal public utilities and public life service facilities such as transportation, post and telecommunications, water supply and power supply, commercial services, scientific research and technical services, landscaping, environmental protection, cultural education, and health services.
From the research of artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing systems, electronics and intelligence.